Tunis, Tunisia

Place Ramadhan,11×14,oil

When I travel I like to wander around a bit off the tourist path into areas where I can get a glimpse of how people live and work. I look for everyday objects that convey information about what daily life might be like. This little corner market in Tunis, Tunisia, is an example of the striking beauty found in the ordinary. The red-black of the peppers hanging like a banner, the contrast of the cobalt blue of the street signs against the bleached white walls, the worn turquoise door-it would be hard to construct such a vibrant composition. I usually ask permission to photograph a person, but just as the shutter clicked, this beautiful young woman stepped into the frame, and she seemed unaware of my presence. Was she going to work, or to school, or to visit a friend? How would she feel to know that she is forever in my memory of that day?